Who are we?

First, let us introduce ourselves.

We are 3 international finance and control students in year 3. We are writing a business plan for our start-up company. My name is Ruben Janssen, I am 21 years old and live in Reuver.

Apart from school, I have a Small accountancy firm where I work with companies from the region and help them with proper accounting. I do their taxes at the end of the year but also throughout the year. Next to that I recently started a second company in the music industry.

My nephew is an English hip-hop rapper, in my free time, I do his management and also DJ at the performances. Right now, we are doing 10 performances every 2 months.

Also, I like to work out just basic fitness and boxing 2-3 times a week. Aside from that, I work as a Vice deputy for Ted-Baker London, this is a well-known clothing brand

More or less I try to combine these activities, but this is often quite hard.

The second entrepreneur is Chris Roulaux.

I am 21 years old and live in Venlo, aside from school, I perform with a band called Niks Niejs and we do performances in our region. This is specifically focused on the carnival event that is held around February / March each year. I am also a Team-manager at Albert Heijn Venlo where I work in my free time. I have a team of, mostly, young people that I have to support in filling up the shelves and making the store look presentable. Most of the time there’s around 30 people that I have to supervise.

The Thirth entrepeneur is Dick Janssen

I am 25 years old born in Venlo and live in Velden. I work for a for a webshop 2 days a week next to my study and i like to do sports like cycling.