In our marketing package, you will be trained to get to know the market you are functioning in we will analyze your competitor’s opportunities and threats.
We will help you set up a proper marketing plan and help you with product placement.
Also, we will be looking at product promotion and we will learn you how companies innovate in the marketing field.

Within one month you will be able to know the basics of marketing.
Also, you will understand the market you are operating in.
In our 6 month package, we will guide you through finding the right place for your product in the market and we will look at the best way to promote and get your product in the public eye.
With our 12 month package, you will become an expert in the marketing field.
We will know how to place and get your product to your costumers.
Also, you will be trained to keep your marketing strategy innovative and working for the next few years.
You will know the ins and outs of product placement and promotion.